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Ricci Chimica is a manufacturing laboratory located in Italy, specializing in manufacturing and marketing fine organic compounds and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. More particularly, we produce at lab. scale rare and fine chemicals for medicinal chemistry with particular emphasis on fluorine compounds.

We also offer:
- bibliographic research service
- custom synthesis service for compounds that are not commercially   available
- chemical process optimisation
- synthesis of impurities and metabolites
- development of analytical methods
- structure determination of organic compounds
- an import/export service and fine chemicals sourcing
- research contracts

You can search our Products by product name or using the search button.
Once you've located a product of interest, click the product name to display chemical structure and additional technical information and send us an enquiry for availability or lead time and delivery charges, simply filling the on-line form. For custom synthesis or other technical information, please visit the Contact Us page.
Ricci Chimica accepts orders only from commercial, educational or governament organizations and reserves the rights to insist on a written and/or references before proceeding.
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